Crescent X London litter pupdate

544909_604484016254551_685490778_n London freewhelped nine puppies in less than three hours. It was rather a circus at times as some pups were maybe five minutes apart and she liked to present them in pairs. Most no more than 30 minutes apart with the last one taking an hour to arrive. Unfortunately three were stillborn and obviously dead before birth (a half mask black boy, a black boy, and a black girl) so the final count is four black boys and two black girls. Points at this stage appear minimal so I think all are brindle pointed. Girls have the most obvious markings… a large round spot in center of back neck collar carefully outlined in white, currently described as ‘polka dot’ and the other girl has a nearly completely black face (Auri or Rosha wannabe?). My notes on boy markings are minimal… white heart on back of neck, hook shaped collar, full white collar, and white blaze. Weights were not huge but actually very comparable to my very first cardigan litter with weights ranging from just over 6 oz to just under 11 oz. All latched on well and London is being an excellent momma.